Highlights from the CAMPH Annual Forum

Bold Ideas, Bolder Leadership

Every year we bring together all the members of the centre to share the successes, goals, capabilities and ongoing opportunities for collaboration within CAMP.H and the prefabrication industry.

This year’s ARC-CAMPH forum is an annual gathering of all the stakeholders involved with ARC Centre for Manufacturing of Prefabricated Housing (ARC-CAMPH) from academic partners, industry partners, research fellow and post-graduate students to discuss forward-thinking ideas to further unlock the potential growth of Australia’s prefabricated building industry moving forward.

The Centre brings together a highly collaborative venture involving four universities and twelve industry partners, and the annual forum enable us to highlight our accomplishments in the past twelve months. It also afford us the platform to engage and discuss forward-thinking ideas across the prefabricated building industry and to showcase the potential for further collaboration resulting in a stronger partnership moving forward especially with our focus on commencing a new bid for the next research funding of the Centre.

Download: 2019 Annual Forum Program [PDF]