Prefabrication sanitising chamber

First Dye trial to check the dispersion of the particles

A collaborative project to develop a prefabricated sanitising chamber for the protection of frontline workers from cross-contaminations of COVID-19 or other infectious diseases. This project aims to develop and evaluate an innovative prefabricated chamber to sanitise individuals within 30 seconds, for use in high-risk sites of COVID-19, other virus exposure and dangerous antibiotic resistant bacteria. This is unique due to the state-of-the-art prefabrication technologies including the advanced computational methods used to design the chamber.

The project is led by Prof Priyan Mendis, Director of the ARC Centre for the Advanced Manufacturing Centre (ARC CAMP.H). The core project team from the University of Melbourne and RMIT includes leading professors in engineering, epidemiology, public health, microbiology and virology, and also includes early career scientists. The industry partners are Sebastian Property Services Pty Ltd and Ouroborus Ltd.

A photo of the initial fogging test at Sebastian Property Services with the prototype