Advancements in Modern Prefabricated and Modular Buildings - R&D Forum

Advancements in Modern Prefabricated and Modular Buildings, was a R&D Forum held October 3 2019 at Graduate House, University of Melbourne, 220 Leicester Street, Carlton.

It is expected that within 10 years, the majority of on-site construction will be replaced by Prefabricated and Modular building systems. The growth of innovation in this emerging sector will leave little choice for the construction industry to embrace.

The R&D forum, an initiative of ARC Centre for Manufacturing of Prefabricated Housing (ARC CAMPH) focuses on presenting the latest advancement in research and practice in modern prefabricated building technologies.

Keynote speakers

Professor Mark Lawson, Professor of Construction Systems, University of Surrey, UK, International Practises In Modular Construction

Distinguished Professor Hong Hao, 2018 Laureate Profile: Distinguished Professor Hong Hao, Curtin University Development of Sustainable, Multi-Hazards Resistant and Resilient Structures

Dr Shan Kumar, Concrete Institute Australia & Head of Innovation and Engineering at Hickory, named as one of Australia›s most innovative Engineers by Engineers Australia, Advances In Prefabricated Modular Construction

The main objective of the R&D forum is to provide a platform to present the latest developments in research and practice in advanced modern construction technologies with a focus on modular integrated construction and prefabrication technologies and promote further collaboration with other universities and industry partners. The presentations were from both key academics and industry leaders.

Download: 2019 R&D Program [PDF]

The forum was exceptionally well attended with over 100+ attendees of key academics and industry stakeholders in prefabricated and modular building construction as well as numerous post-graduate students in this discipline. The forum was augmented with a live webinar which was subscribed with audiences from around the globe.